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    Hey guys
    I know the topic is popular, but I couldnt find an answer.
    So I try to install demo.
    1. First I try to do it in WordPress admin panel going to –> appearance –> demo import. The importing got stuck for an hour, then I just gave up.
    2. I decided to do it manually according to the instructions.
    The XML file is included to theme files. It is named content.xml and located in the theme folder under /framework/inc/demoimporter/demo-files/
    Navigate to WP Admin > Tools > Import
    Select and install WordPress importer
    Once its installed, select the XML file and upload it. It will take a few minutes to install and upload all content
    Now navigate to WP Admin > Appearance > Menus page and set menus to the appropriate locations

    But in the folder I downloaded when buying Unicon theme there is no demoimporter folder inside the inc folder. The only xml file in the whole Unicon folder is wpml-config.xml, which I guess is not what Im looking for. The rest is php files.
    So I’m stuck.
    Please, could anyone help? Thank you.

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