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    I have lost the ability to have a drop down menu on the mobile side of navigation. One day it was working and the next day not so much. Additionally I have lost some of the WPBakery elements, specifically 1 of the 2 Go Button (currently have one that does not allow you to center justify, unless you do so in the column), the straight line separator that allows you to choose the height of the line (Similar to ZigZag version). The element lost happened after I tried a few fixes with the hosting and using back up copies of the site files and database. It still remains after uninstalling and reinstalling the theme. The only thing I can think of is that I was able to update the WPBakery to the most current version and it lost some of these functions(?). If that is the case I will live with it, if not I like to get back full functionality.

    Specifics of the mobile navigation:
    The site had the drop down arrows on the right side of each expandable field, now it is tucked right against the title and will not expand.

    Here is what I have tried and in best order of how I remember it.

    1 – Deleted the cache on the server
    2 – Restored the website with versions on days that it was working properly (Files, Database, then Files and Database)
    3 – Delete and reinstall the theme and use the child theme (Did not correct)
    4 – Removed all special CSS from all locations
    5 – Tried the zoom on and off (Changes to desktop on mobile version, but navigation will not go back to dynamic)
    6 – Tried creating anew menu with sub navigation

    Here is what I think I should try next, remove the WPBakery, the theme files, clean the cache on the server and reinstall the theme and reinstall WPBakery of theme doesn’t. Trying to avoid this as I would think this may lose A LOT of website pages, but think the restore from a previous day database and files would overcome that issue. If you think that is the best course of action or there is a better one please let me know.

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